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Education franchises provide important services that nurture a child's development. From pre-school business opportunities to a test preparation business, education franchises truly are a rewarding career move for anyone who has ever wanted to be their own boss. Discover the latest education franchise news, press releases, franchise businesses for sale and much more by browsing our site. Use the navigation bar to the left to discover interesting education franchises

Supplement your research with the latest information in education franchises for sale, industry news and much more. Begin by reviewing all the exciting opportunities in tutoring, private school, music lessons, learning disability services, financial assistance and much more.


Deciding what food franchise business opportunity is right for you begins at, a comprehensive directory and news resource. Receive franchise buyer advice through original, timely articles, while also learning about the most exciting and rewarding food franchise business opportunities .Owning a franchise-based restaurant, cafe, deli, or catering business is an appealing and rewarding opportunity with plenty of variety to choose from in both menu options and nationally-recognized fast food franchises.


Travel franchises can help entrepreneurs break into this vast market by providing stability, support, and the guidance needed to run a successful travel business.

The travel industry is bursting with business offerings to help tourists plan their perfect gateway. Travel agencies can help tourists plan entire vacations and find amazing deals on accommodations and activities in the process, while events and wonders of the world keep hotels packed to the brim.


“Fashion franchise Business is about something which comes from within you "
With the increase in demand, many Indian and international clothing brands have entered the Indian market, bringing a large number of choices for customers and bringing a competition to one another but Indian Fashion brands are still on top with a lot of Business opportunity. .

As the trends in Fashion increase there are many brands developed and renowned in the market and making their growth by apparels Franchise Business opportunity in India. There are many brands with segments.


Growth of the fitness industry remains strong, with continued diversification of concepts and business models. There are dozens of fitness franchise opportunities to choose from — ranging from traditional gyms and group fitness, to kickboxing, yoga, one-on-one personal training, and everything in between.


Technology is now a key part of any business and the franchise sector is no exception. Without a doubt, those businesses that deploy the right technology gain an edge over the competition.

Automobile Franchisee

Automotive franchise is key franchise business opportunity. Automotive franchising is a major part of the franchise business and also a great opportunity to start your own Automobile business. There are all kinds of Automotive franchises - including automobiles franchise, automotive parts, car repairs, car service center, bike service center, car decoration, car sales, car beauty clinic.


Service franchises are typically "skills based" and offer those with the ability, interest, and dedication to be active and "work with their hands" as they build their business.
Service franchises typically allow you entry at a fraction of the cost of a retail franchise - often just a few thousand dollars of investment compared to six figures for many retail opportunities. Yet, the income potential is still attractive and can be considerable. So there's the affordability factor and a lower upfront risk from day one.
There's also a wide selection of opportunities and niches in the service franchise sector. And many of these businesses have a healthy and constant demand .

Other Business

Small business franchises come many shapes & sizes, from nationally recognized household names to locally grown niche businesses.

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Events can be define as, significant or important happening or social happening or activity. Einz is venture of experience group in events wherein self develop and generated events have occur in three states with various media as partner. Einz function on four crucial aspect of growth:

Franchise Consultation.

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